By outsourcing and/or automating recurring administrative tasks, your organization will have more time for your core business.

We provide back office tasks in multiple languages. For online shops, leasing companies, accountants and companies in various other sectors.

With locations in Bulgaria, Suriname and with employees with home offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, we always offer you a solution. In most cases up to 20% to 40% cheaper than in your own organization.

At the same time we investigate whether tasks can be automated to save costs.

Benefits of outsourcing Backoffice

Because we usually log in to your systems, we work via secure VPN connections. In addition, we apply the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to all activities.

Back office activities

We can take care of the following tasks for you:

  • Processing surveys and forms
  • Preparation of offers and contracts
  • Preparation and processing of invoices
  • Processing of files and contracts
  • Implementation of mutations
  • Updating lead and customer databases

Approach and working method

Taking over front office and back office tasks is tailor-made. The process starts with recording the steps a back-office employee goes through when processing tasks.

After a training and a work-in period, we increase the capacity of the execution to the desired level. We monitor the quality and report on agreed KPI’s.

Outsource back office tasks?

From entering data to preparing quotations. With access to your systems via secure connections.

Mail your details and we will contact you within 1 working day. Of course, you can also call or e-mail us.

  • More time for your core business
  • For various recurring tasks
  • In multiple languages
  • 7 days a week
  • Cost efficient

    Read here how we protect your data