Outvance is an outsourced contact center. We advice and help with improving accessibility, improving quality and result of multichannel customer contact.

Outvance advises and helps with improving your accessibility, quality, customer satisfaction and the result of multichannel customer contact.


The following services can be provided:

Cost efficient

Outvance will take care of your customer contact from the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Suriname. In Dutch, Flemish, English, German and French. Other European languages are possible. At lower costs compared to an in-house execution.

Experienced consultants

Your consultants at Outvance have been active in the contact center industry for more than 25 years and have built up their experience at various facility and in-house contact centers. We are a no-nonsense company with a focus on results.

Professional tools

Outvance works with professional contact center solutions for handling customer contact. Solutions that have proven themselves in the field. With a vision on location-independent working. All solutions are operating from the cloud.