Professional customer service makes the difference. Customers want an adequate service at all times. Fast, professional, friendly and with a complete answer. Via online self-service, chatbots, live chat, e-mail, the telephone, WhatsApp or via social media.

Outvance works with multichannel contact center software. For your customer service, webcare, sales and accounts receivable management. From 1 central view so that customers get the right answer at once.

You can outsource all or part of your customer service. We act as an extension in a 1st and 2nd line construction. With a team of permanent employees, we take care of your accessibility, service levels and customer satisfaction. By nearshoring and offshoring at competitive rates.

Benefits of outsourcing customer service

Multilingual support

Outvance provides your customer service in multiple languages. By default, in Dutch, Flemish, English, German and French. Other languages such as Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish are available.

Our employees speak 2 to 3 languages. The availability of multilingual employees is guaranteed since the services are provided from multiple international locations.

Professional software

We work with professional multichannel contact center systems. Your customers can contact us through multiple channels. Customer contact information is made available as much as possible from one screen.

Our employees can handle customer queries rapidly and efficiently. This reduces processing times, reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction.

More information, advice or a proposal for your customer service?

With your customer service you can distinguish yourself. We provide customer service for companies in various sectors.

Mail your details and we will contact you within 1 working day. Of course, you can also call or e-mail us.

  • Multichannel customer service
  • In multiple languages
  • Multi-client or a dedicated team
  • Professional systems
  • Competitive rates

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